It’s been a whirlwind of a year here at Good Finance.

This year, we’ve had over 63,000 users of the website to date, listed 62 investors and advisors and reached more than 1,000 people through events. And we gained a new team...

Earlier in October, we said goodbye to Kieran Whiteside, Good Finance’s former Project Manager. Kieran worked on building Good Finance to what is is today, seeing it through all the way from the ideation stage to it’s implementation in April 2017. Whilst we’re sad to see Kieran go, it’s been wonderful to hear about his new adventures over at Belu Water, and also welcome Ishita (Project Manager) and Emily (Digital Marketing and Communications Officer) to the team.

A big hello from Ishita & Emily! 

Image of Ishita Ranjan

Ishita Ranjan


It’s been an enlightening, educational and inspiring start at Good Finance for me. Seeing the amazing impact that’s been built so far and meeting some of the wonderful partners and supporters of Good Finance has been a real highlight.

My background is in digital marketing and website development, having run Copy & Code, a company which enables charities and social enterprises to build their online presence. I’ve also had a long standing interest in both social enterprise and social investment, so it’s been a brilliant to be able to draw on my different experiences and interests.

Moving forward, I am really excited for what 2019 has in store for Good Finance and these are some of the big goals I’ll be working on next year:

  • Our user led manifesto: we’re working to develop a set of guiding principles and practical measures to ensure that Good Finance stays true to the needs of our users and continues to be user led, both in terms of design and content.
  • Improving our tracking and analytics: we hope to improve measurement of our analytics and collection of both qualitative and quantitative data. In 2019, our goal is to be able to tell each and every investor and advisor the traffic Good Finance drives to their website. 
  • Developments to the website: we’re gearing up for some exciting developments to the investor and advisor directory and the case studies on the website. These changes should enable the site to be more intuitive, more searchable and most importantly, provide more relevant information for our users.

I can’t wait to help build and shape Good Finance as it continues to grow in 2019. If you are interested in any of the above, please do get in touch!

Image of Emily Parrett


Emily Parrett

My journey actually started as a freelance drama facilitator, focused on leading workshops on community engagement, working with charities and foundations. I also have a Masters in Applied Theatre with a focus on community and place-based work. This, alongside co-forming a community theatre company, inspired my interest in grassroots organisations (& funding!).

Previous to working on Good Finance, I was a main point of contact for social media customer service at Monzo Bank, working as part of the Customer Operations team. Here I led training on engaging online communications & gained a passion for using digital channels to make finance fun & accessible.

Next year, I’m looking forward to:

  • Bringing a creative spin to the ways information about social investment can be shared: I really enjoyed creating and producing the 12 Days of Christmas campaign across our social media over the Christmas period and am looking forward to producing more ways that communicate what we do in a more fun style.
  • Producing and collating new and engaging content for the Good Finance website: I’m excited to learn from others across the sector and delve into the world of social investment. In fact, both my first blog post ‘social impact’ and the ‘good finance jargon buster’ came from the place of wanting to learn more myself.
  • Becoming more involved with event delivery and presenting at Let’s Talk Good Finance events: one of my favourite parts of the job is meeting people from across the sector. So I’ll be sure to attend as many events as I can, to learn about others’ social investment journeys. I’m also looking forward to having even more podcasts from the events for you to listen to.

Interested in writing a guest blog for Good Finance? Please contact me on