Say Hello to Good Finance's new Digital Marketing & Communications Officer, Festus Akinsulire. 

My background is as a freelancer in Graphic Design, a skill I developed during my time at University, where I studied Marketing Management. 

Prior to Good Finance I was at UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs. I worked as a Communications Assistant there with a focus on social media, digital projects and design. I also have previous experience working in the NHS

Joining the social impact sector gave me a new desire to see social entrepreneurs & those on the frontline succeed. 

I’m also a Youth Advisory Panel member with charity Spirit of 2012, which has given me the opportunity to explore fund management. Alongside this, I host and run a bi-weekly radio show interviewing a range of people on various topics, including a few social entrepreneurs.

This year at Good Finance, I’m looking forward to:

  • Bringing my experience in Graphic Design to add creativity and innovate how we interact with users and stakeholders

I love to create content, especially visually. The first video I worked on at  Good Finance was the International Women’s Day video sharing incredible stories and advice that can help people to navigate the world of social investment. Hopefully that’s just the first with many more to come! 

  • Presenting to and engaging with gamechangers 

What really excites me about what Good Finance does is events such as Let’s Talk Good Finance. There are so many people who are actively delivering social impact in different ways and their stories are inspiring to say the least and I’m looking forward to meeting them at Good Finance events and learn more about the organisations in the sector.

  • Tackling challenges associated with social investment 

The term ‘social investment’ and the words associated with are not always used by those who receive it or are looking to obtain it. I look forward to taking the Jargon Buster project and finding new ways to explore how we can make social investment not only more understandable, but more accessible to the diverse range of people who need it.

Got an interest in writing a guest blog or other forms of content for Good Finance? Please contact me on