Teens and Toddlers

Teens and Toddlers is a Social Impact Bond working with young people in the North West. It is part of the Department for Work and Pensions' Innovation Fund.

3 years
Cost of capital
£1.54 million
Amount invested
£3.25 million
Product type
Social Impact Bonds


Young people with low self-esteem, low educational attainment and lack of positive role models are more likely to not make a successful transition into work, training or education, and are more likely to become parents at an early age


Teens and Toddlers targets two groups of vulnerable children simultaneously, raising the aspirations of young people (age 13-17) by pairing them as a mentor and role model to a child in nursery in need of extra support.

Revenue model 

Teens and Toddlers’ programme in Greater Manchester is funded through a Social Impact Bond (SIB). Repayment is under a “payment-byresults” contract with the Department of Work and Pensions, out of long-term savings to the public purse of reducing youth unemployment.


Over the three year SIB, 1,300 young people will take part in the programme, with performance measured by improvements in attitude, behaviour, attendance and educational attainment.

Teens and Toddlers takes a unique approach by helping two groups of vulnerable children simultaneously. This innovative model really stood out as one that could succeed in its targets and really achieve a significant social impact.

       Antony Ross, Head of Social Sector Funds at Bridges Ventures