A digital tool for charities and social enterprises
About this project
This is a beta website which forms part of a collaboration between organisations committed to improving access to information on investment and finance for charities and social enterprises.

The need

Charities and social enterprises have a critical need for a comprehensive digital resource to help them to effectively navigate investment and finance options, and within this social investment. This applies particularly to organisations that have identified that finance could be used to address an organisational problem, but also extends to organisations interested in educating themselves more generally.

Evidence of this need originates from a number of sources including:

The ambition

We think that this could be addressed through a website that:

1. Is an educational source for charities and social enterprise who want to navigate investment and finance options, and help them understand how it may be useful to them.

2. A tool to assist charities and social enterprises in making an informed decision about where and how to take on investment and finance, including the products, funds and alternative forms of finance available.

Our ambition is to fill this demand through a collaboration of key partners and user-focused design to develop ideas and an end product that works specifically for charities and social enterprises.

There is a range of organisations that might use this platform and variations in what they require in terms of information, language and design. It is critical, therefore, to be able to access a broad sample of organisations that make up the end users, in order to understand how to effectively tailor the design to their needs.


Phase one

The first phase of this project run for the first half of 2016. During this time we:

  • Developed this beta website which pulls together existing information for charities and social enterprises
  • Ran user-focused design research, workshops and testing across the UK with a number of charities and social enterprises
  • Had regular steering group meetings to help inform the strategic direction of the project
  • Created a new website prototype based on the user research and testing

Phase two

The second phase will involve development and build of the new site, relaunching in early 2017 with up to date content and brand based on user needs identified in phase one.

A new Project Manager will be appointed in February 2017 to manage the site and partners, and will also be responsible for scoping out the future potential of this project.


Good Finance is jointly funded by Access - The Foundation for Social Investment, Big Society Capital and DCMS, with in-kind support provide by all the members of the steering group.

Steering group

The following individuals are members of the project steering group which will meet on a monthly basis during phase 1 of this project.

Cabinet Office
Flip Finance
Access - the Foundation for Social Investment
Big Society Capital
Matter & Co

Project delivery team

Secretariat support for this project is being provided by Big Society Capital. Snook and NDP Studio will provide the UX and website development capacity.

NDP Studio
Big Society Capital
Big Society Capital

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