Say ‘Hello!’ to Good Finance’s new Digital Marketing and Communications Officer, Annie Constable.

My background is in marketing and I have experience in SEO and B2B marketing agencies and consultancies, alongside an MSc in Marketing from London School of Economics. 

Prior to Good Finance, I worked for Bright Innovation, an agile B2B marketing consultancy as a Senior Marketing Executive. I was responsible for the delivery of lead generation campaigns, from virtual events to acquisition & retention, with a focus on both paid and organic social media promotion. 

I’m new to the social investment sector, and I’m excited to get stuck in, learn all about it and help to communicate truly inspiring stories and opportunities for social enterprises. 

Annie headshot

This year at Good Finance, I’m looking forward to: 

  • Growing outreach via social for Good Finance I am passionate about how companies can use social media platforms as effective outreach and that’s more important than ever for telling the story at Good Finance. I am motivated by results and look forward to exploring what’s working and what’s not, using analytics to justify decisions and test new tactics and channels. 
  • Creating and collaborating on campaigns: I’m excited to learn more about the existing campaigns Good Finance are a part of and begin contributing to the wide variety of content that can be shared with social enterprises across the UK and beyond. This role involves working closely with partners on content, so I’m looking forward to building and developing those relationships to work effectively together towards a shared objective moving forward.
  • Networking and events: It may only be day three, but there’s already been so many webinars, training courses and networking opportunities highlighted to me that could be useful for development within this role. I’m keen to attend as many of these as possible, learning about various aspects of the social sector and listening to some of the inspiring people that make such incredible things happen every day.

If you’re interested in writing a guest blog for Good Finance or would like to get involved with anything else, please do not hesitate to email me on