Jargon exists everywhere - across sectors, industries, all over the world. If sometimes you find yourself scratching your head at the new buzzword or rolling your eyes at yet another acronym, you’re not alone.

If we look at it very simply (and of course there’s more to it than this), but in it’s essence, social investment brings together the two worlds of social impact and finance. Two very different worlds, each with its own set of jargon. 

Understanding the world of social investment is not simple, especially during times of uncertainty. We’re excited to share with you a new tool on Good Finance which breaks down all that jargon and helps you understand the key social investment terms.

Whether you’re new to social investment or an old hand, take a look at the new Good Finance Jargon buster.

Jargon buster

Why did we create it?

Before our shiny new Jargon Buster, we used to have a Glossary page which listed all of the jargon you commonly hear in the sector.

A key part of our role here at Good Finance is as translators, breaking down barriers and enabling our user to better understand social investment. 

Our user research showed us that users want us to use the correct and relevant language, but they also want us to explain it - in creative ways, that different audiences can understand. Staying true to our ethos of being user led, we knew users wanted more - more clarity, more accessibility, more understanding. 

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Welcome to the new Jargon Buster

The new jargon buster features refreshed design and is on hand to educate, encourage and inspire you to navigate social investment better.

If you’ve ever found yourself confused or annoyed by jargon in social investment, we recommend you check it out (and of course, share with your peers). 

We will continue to grow the Jargon Buster. Whether that’s adding new terms, creating more content, or finding creative ways to make social investment more accessible, we’ll be on hand.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, you can email iranjan@goodfinance.org.uk.


We’d also like to thank our Steering Group, Connect Fund, Key Fund and of course, our users, for supporting us to develop this resource.


Access the buster now at - https://www.goodfinance.org.uk/jargon-buster


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