Updates and guidance VCSE infrastructure and membership organisations. 

Updates & Guidance

Updates and guidance for charities and social enterprises from VCSE infrastructure and membership organisations including NCVO, Social Enterprise UK, UnLtd, School for Social Entrepreneurs and others. 

COVID-19 guidance for VCSE organisations

Government information on:

  • Guidance for those working in these sectors
  • Guidance about funding and fundraising

  • The role of volunteers

NCVO Guide: Your organisation and Coronavirus

NCVO have created an in depth guide outlining current government advice as well as providing information on how Covid-19 will affect charities including what to expect on funders, financial implications and the impact on investors. There is also guidance on how to support staff, volunteers and beneficiaries.

In light of the outbreak, NCVO have removed their resource paywall so all their resources are now free for anybody to access. 

Social Enterprise UK

SEUK have created a briefing document including information on funding and what support social enterprises can access which you can find here.

SEUK are working to make sure social enterprises get the support they need until this crisis is over. They've set up an email address for you to get in touch to share issues and concerns. You can get in reach them via covid19@socialenterprise.org.uk.  Find additional information here.

School for Social Entrepreneurs

The School for Social Entrepreneurs have written a blog post on how charities and social enterprises can prepare. It's packed with useful links and articles! 

Advice for Co-ops

Find practical guidance for co‑ops developed by Co-op UK on their website. 

Wales Co-operative Centre

Access resources and support from the Wales Co-operative Centre here. 

The Wales Co-operative Centre has also launched a Covid-19 Helpline for the social business sector in Wales.

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO

Access the SCVO's third sector information hub here.

UnLtd: Guidance for social entrepreneurs 

UnLtd have created a guide for social entrepreneurs navgating Covid-19 which can be found here. 

The guide covers the following topics and will be updated over time:

  • Looking after yourself 
  • Looking after your community 
  • Looking after your business 
  • Further information


If you're a community organisation or a Locality member, stay posted on webinars and suppport they're offering here. Following the government's recent announcement, they've written a guide on the furlough scheme extension to help you through the next phase of change during the coronavirus crisis. It can be found here.                                                                                               

Plunkett Foundation

This is Plunkett’s regularly updated page for advice and guidance for all community businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Small Charities Coalition 

Access updated guidance written to help small charities think through some of the issues that coronavirus may mean for their organisation. It can be found here. 


NPC's team of charity experts work directly with individuals and organisations in the charity sector to improve the impact they have on their chosen causes. They publish free charity research, insights and resources on topics like theory of change and measuring social impact so that others can benefit. They recenly launched new guides:

  • Shifting your funding practices during Covid-19 - explores what shifts in funding practice they've seen, what shifts they think valuable, and what else funders could be doing. Find more details here.
  • Updated Covid-19 guidance for philanthropists - provides detailed advice and a sector by sector breakdown of what philanthropists need to know to help different charities build resilience. Find more details here.
  • Getting through Covid-19 - udated guidance for charities and philanthropists. Find more details here.
  • Updated toolkit for charities - pulls together all the information they think will be useful in a charity’s response to Covid-19. It shares new advice and links to resources on service delivery, strategy and mission. Find more details here.


Civil Society: Where charities should look for Covid-19 advice

Civil Society News has collated advice for charities dealing with Covid-19. Read more here. 

The Federation of Small Businesses

Advice and guidance for small businesses and the self-employed can be found here.


The ultimate guide to support measures for startups affected by coronavirus. Find it here. 

Pioneers Post

Stay posted on news and updates via our partner, Pioneers Post.