A balanced, unbiased one-day workshop designed to make sense of social finance and social investment.


The social enterprise and charity sector is buzzing with financial terms: ‘social investment’ ‘social impact bonds’ and ‘investment readiness’. But what do these terms actually mean, and how can social enterprises and not-for-profits access these new forms of income?

A panel of speakers from different areas of social investment and case studies from both investors and investees will shine a spotlight on specific types of social investment, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to finance your organisation.

You should come on Unlocking Social Investment if:

  • You are interested in finding out more about social investment and want a clear, unbiased introduction to what it all means for you and your organisation.
  • You want to understand the pros and cons / risks and rewards of the different types of social finance available, but don’t want a sales pitch.
  • You want to hear case studies from organisations who have taken on social investment – why they did it, how they did it and the benefits that it has brought to the organisation.
  • You want the opportunity to question some of the leading social investors and want to find out more about how they decide who to invest in.
  • You want to network with other people from charities and social enterprises who are also exploring social investment as a way of financing their organisation.

Time and Date

5 July 2018


School for Social Entrepreneurs,

139 Tooley Street,

London SE1 2HZ


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