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Robert Frasser

The Loans for Enlightened Agriculture Programme (“LEAP”), developed by the Real Farming Trust, is a new model for financing and supporting food and farming enterprises that puts people and the biosphere at the heart of our food system.

We offer 5 year unsecured loans for amounts between £20,000 and £100,000 together with a grant of 18% of the loan amount and a structured and tailored mentoring programme. LEAP is specifically looking to support food and farming enterprises that utilise or support agroecological methods of production and are rooted firmly in their own communities trading largely through local markets. As an ‘impact first’ programme, LEAP will prioritise enterprises that have the potential to deliver the greatest social and environmental impact over the long term. To support organisations during the Covid-19 crisis, LEAP has launched a new Emergency Small Loans Programme which is open for applications until 30th June 2020. This new programme provides loans of £5-£20k with interest and capital repayment holidays, no fees, and a quick decision (with funds deposited within 14 days of application). Please contact us for more details.

Our Funds

Loans for Enlightened Agriculture Programme

At the Real Farming Trust we understand the challenges that agroecological food and farming enterprises face in raising finance, whether that is waiting for a grant to come through or having the funds to grow and develop when you have no assets to secure against.

Emergency Small Loans Programme

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed the fragility and vulnerability of our globalised food system and our reliance on long, just in time supply chains. This has led to a big increase in demand for local food but many agroecological producers and community food businesses have had to stop taking on new...