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Blog | 4 October 2016

The concept of a theory of change has been around for decades but over recent years they have gathered traction in the funding and social investment community.

Blog | 28 September 2016

As a policy maker my team’s starting place for working with graphic, digital and UX designers isn’t an obvious one.

Blog | 11 August 2016

Making social investment user-centered was our remit.

Blog | 21 July 2016

Social investment can play an important role in the growth and sustainability of social enterprises and charities, but it’s not always plain sailing to secure a deal.  

Blog | 22 June 2016

I distinctly remember my first meeting at Big Society Capital.

Blog | 23 May 2016

When Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) asks its members about the biggest barriers to their sustainability or growth, access to appropriate finance is consistently one of the primary obstacles named.

Blog | 4 March 2016

Last week we had the second meeting of the steering group for this project to develop improved information services for charities and social enterprises exploring their options for finance and investment.

Blog | 22 February 2016

I've worked for Big Society Capital for nearly three years now, and one thing that we keep hearing is that social investment (and indeed all types of finance and investment) remains pretty complicated for many charities and social enterprises.